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Partnership with Hervé Cuisine

Inspired by a talented French food blogger

Café Royal is joining Hervé for a crazy, colourful and tasty partnership. The YouTuber, a pioneering influencer among the French culinary world, has penned two recipes that are just perfect for summer: a pistachio and raspberry no-bake cheesecake, and an iced chai coffee with cardamom. Spotlight on an ardent advocate for good taste.


Hervé develops his recipes and shoots his videos in the kitchen of his loft apartment in Paris. Ten years down the line, this gastronomy aficionado is still dividing his time between work and developing his cooking community, centred on his YouTube channel, his Facebook page and his blog – to the delight of food-lovers everywhere. Hervé makes a point of always presenting a wide range of recipes incorporating flavours from Asia, the Americas and the Mediterranean. What has been his channel’s secret to success? Its simplicity. Hervé approaches the most challenging blends, the most complex sauces with a disconcerting ease that is sure to have even the most timid neophyte cooking up a storm.

Two royal recipes for all-round pleasure

As part of our partnership, we challenged Hervé to make two recipes: the first, the perfect cake to accompany an espresso, and the second, a refreshing caffeinated drink for those long summer days. His choice fell to the Doppio Espresso from the Italian Edition collection, and the Café Royal Vanilla from the Flavoured Edition collection – two coffees that are just perfect to celebrate the arrival of summer! Close your eyes and picture the scene: enjoying the cheesecake at a Parisian pavement café, just opposite Notre-Dame; sipping the iced coffee in a relaxing break from some retail therapy.



Hervé tells us about coffee ...

“I’ve always loved to cook, but my passion for coffee arrived much later. I began to enjoy coffee once I began to work. Ever since, coffee has been an integral part of my daily life. I usually drink two to three cups a day. I particularly enjoy it with a little milk froth, and I prefer a mild drink with warming notes.

I’m crazy about latte art, and I’ve made several videos on the topic. When I travel, I always seek out coffee shops that carefully select their coffees and turn a simple cup of coffee into a really special moment where time seems to stand still. With life being so busy, it’s always a great excuse to take a little break. Coffee is also a symbol of hospitality, and in my family, it’s always the first thing we offer to guests. I find it’s a drink that brings people together, and makes the conversation flow that much easier.”



We’d like to say merci beaucoup to the master of the art of cuisine for his two irresistible coffee recipes. Have fun trying them out – who knows, perhaps a secret talent as a food blogger is hiding deep inside you, just waiting to get out!