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Recipe: Guatemalan Coffee

Direct flight to Central America

This world tour of flavour takes you directly to Guatemala. Our rendition of Guatemalan coffee combines chilli, chocolate and coffee to make an exotic hot drink that even the Maya would have loved.


Guate– what? If you don’t know Central America like the back of your hand, here is some basic info. Guatemala lies in the southern part of the Yucatán Peninsula between Mexico and Honduras and is famous for its coffee-growing areas. For example, our Single Origin Guatemala comes from this beautiful region. Our intense case of wanderlust fever inspired us to make this fiery coffee creation in Guatemalan style.

Mayan tradition meets coffee culture

Long before the Europeans had the word “hot drink” in their vocabulary, the high culture of the Maya was flourishing in the area of present-day Guatemala. On special occasions, they drank “chacau haa”, a word meaning both “hot water” and “chocolate”. This warm drink made with cocoa beans was seasoned with chilli pepper and – as there wasn’t any sugar at the time – was a rather spicy and bitter affair.


Guatemala didn’t become a traditional coffee country until the time of colonisation when European traders brought coffee beans with them to the American continent. The coffee is grown on the slopes of the volcanic mountains, and thanks to the volcanic soil, Guatemalan coffee has a full-bodied, juicy flavour that is coveted all over the world.

And since we are also big fans of the unique Guatemalan flavour, we have created a fiery and delicious recipe for you. Try out this combination of chilli, chocolate and coffee and come with us on a spontaneous outing to Central America. Buen viaje!

Ingredients for a Guatemalan Coffee (approx. 250 ml):

50 g dark chocolate

40 ml Café Royal Single Origin Guatemala

250 ml milk

½ tbsp brown sugar

1 small red chilli pepper


Chilli flakes for the garnish


*) Ingredients for one portion. For more portions, simply multiply the amount of ingredients.

Preparation time:

around 20 minutes



kitchen scales or measuring jug, heat-resistant bowl, spoon, saucepan, handheld milk frother or French press, heat-resistant glass or cup




1) Begin by finely chopping the chocolate. Melt about half of the chocolate over a water bath and then poor into a glass.

2) In a saucepan, heat two-thirds of the milk together with the brown sugar, the rest of the chocolate and the chilli pepper.

3) Then add the Café Royal Single Origin Guatemala and season the mixture with a little cinnamon. Remove the chilli pepper.

4) Warm the rest of the milk and then froth it. If you don’t have an electric frother available, you can also froth the milk in a French press by vigorously pumping the plunger up and down.

5) Pour the coffee and milk mixture carefully into the glass with the chocolate. This way, you will still have a layer of dark chocolate. Before serving, garnish your Guatemalan Coffee with frothed milk and chilli flakes.

If you are more interested in exploring the tastes on the other side of the Atlantic, then use our Single Origin India and season the coffee with cardamom.


A fiery coffee creation whose Guatemalan flavours will transport you directly to the plateau of the nearest Mayan ruins. Or at least pretty close.