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Recipe: Espresso-Rhubarb Drink

Meet and Greet with Rosy Mary

It’s the beginning of spring and, as luck would have it, you’ve got rhubarb in the fridge, good espresso in the cupboard, and a couple of friends on the couch? Then it’s high time you got acquainted with our espresso drink, bound to put a spring in your step: the Rosy Mary.


The first buds are sprouting, the last winter coats are being shed. Few other seasons in the year are as highly anticipated as spring. It’s purely a matter of honour that we want to welcome spring’s arrival in a fitting manner. With our newest royal drink, the ‘Rosy Mary’, nothing can stand in the way of a meet and greet with the star among seasons.

An unusually good combination: espresso and rhubarb

The most important component, and the ingredient which brings a splash of colour to this rosy drink, is the espresso-rhubarb liqueur within. However, try and find this in the supermarket and you’ll be looking in vain. Luckily, its preparation is as quick as it is simple – and the ingredients as straightforward as they are intense. Among these said ingredients are some aromatic cardamom pods, vodka, a little sugar, some sweet rhubarb and – how could it be anything else? – our Agent’s Choice No. 3, clad in its rosé-coloured packaging. An unusually good combination.

The finished espresso drink needs only to be topped with some freshly-squeezed lemon juice, some mineral water, and a garnish for that little finishing touch. Sounds simple? It is. See just how simple with a quick glance at our ingredients list and method:


Ingredients for a Rosy Mary:

50ml espresso-rhubarb liqueur

20ml lemon juice

Mineral water

Ice cubes

Some lemon zest and rhubarb to garnish


*) For multiple servings, multiply the number of ingredients accordingly.

Ingredients for the espresso-rhubarb liqueur:

50ml Agent’s Choice No. 3 espresso

150ml rhubarb juice

350ml vodka

75g sugar

4 cardamom pods

Preparation time:

Espresso-rhubarb liqueur: approx. 25 minutes, Rosy Mary: approx. 3 minutes



Pot, fine sieve, bottle, champagne glass



Method: Espresso-Rhubarb Liqueur

1) Place the espresso, rhubarb juice, sugar and the cardamom pods into a small pot and stir on a low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved.

2) Let the mixture simmer gently for an additional 10 minutes, and subsequently let cool.

3) Strain the cooled syrup through a sieve, mix it with the vodka, and pour the finished liqueur into a bottle.

Method: Rosy Mary

1) For one Rosy Mary, place two to three ice cubes in a champagne glass and add 50ml of the liqueur and 20ml freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

2) Fill up the rest of the glass with mineral water, and garnish the whole thing with a little lemon zest and rhubarb.

Of course, you can also use any of our other royal espressos for your Rosy Mary. However, none are quite as ‘rosy’ as our Agent’s Choice No. 3… With this in mind: cheers, spring!