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Recipe: home-made coffee creamer

Coffee creamer: a lusciously imaginative touch for your coffee

Has your morning black coffee been lacking that special something for a while? Want to brighten things up? Coffee creamer could be just the thing to rekindle the flame.


Both fruity and healthy, this flavoured creamer can be prepared quickly and simply for a result that is both delicious and artistic. The great advantage of this coffee creamer is that once you have learnt the basic recipe, it can be adapted to make countless delicious creamy creations – with such a playground to explore flavours, the sky’s the limit!

Traditionally vegan, since creamer is a substitute for cream, coffee creamer has now been democratised – smooth blends are available both with and without milk to add to your coffee. Next it’s time to let your imagination run wild – a hint of whipped cream, some lemon zest, perhaps a pinch of cinnamon. To celebrate the arrival of spring, here are two variations on this delicious creamer to enjoy with the first few rays of the sun: caramel coffee creamer and vanilla and coconut coffee creamer.


Coffee Creamer Caramel:

125 ml light single cream for the coffee

125 ml full-fat milk

Caramel sauce


Caramel sauce:

6 tablespoons sugar

200 ml cream


Vanilla and coconut creamer:

Half a tin of coconut milk (200 ml)

2 vanilla pods

2 tablespoons sugar

Preparation time for each recipe:

25 min


Portion size for each recipe:

250 ml


Required utensils:

Flat pan or large frying pan, whisk, small sieve, two twist-off jars approximately 250 ml in size

Preparing the caramel coffee creamer

Although the preparation time might be somewhat frightening, the recipe itself is a breeze.

1) Simmer the milk and cream over a low heat until bubbles start to form on the surface.

2) Add two teaspoons of caramel to the liquid and stir until the caramel is completely dissolved.

3) Pour into a jar and allow to cool.

4) Before using your creamer, shake the jars to redistribute any caramel that may have settled at the bottom.

5) All you have to do now is add your delicately flavoured cream to a lungo, and enjoy!

And if you feel like a bit of a challenge, here is the recipe to make your own caramel sauce. Of course, the quicker alternative of buying ready-made caramel is always an option.



Preparing the caramel sauce

1) Pour the cream into a pan and heat slowly.

2) In another pan or flat-bottomed frying pan, melt the sugar over a low heat.

3) Do not stir with a spoon or spatula, as this may cause a skin to form – if possible, tilt the pan from time to time.

4) Once the sugar becomes brown, add it to the warm cream and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.

5) Caramel tends to form lumps – don’t panic! The mixture will become more homogeneous as it cooks.

6) Simmer the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes until the caramel forms a smooth paste. The longer the mixture stays on the stove, the harder your caramel will be.

7) Pour the caramel into a jar.


Preparing the vanilla and coconut coffee creamer

A slightly more traditional recipe – it’s vegan. Once again, the recipe is incredibly simple.

1) Scrape out the vanilla pods and mix the seeds together with all the other ingredients in a saucepan over a low heat. Stir constantly until small bubbles form on the surface.

2) Once the sugar has completely dissolved, pass the creamer through a small sieve and pour the mixture into a jar.

3) Stir the creamer in the jar before use to make sure the vanilla is evenly distributed.

4) Enjoy it in a freshly prepared Americano.


Feel free to add a bit of decoration for a truly personalised coffee from top to bottom. When it comes to coffee, there’s nothing quite like a Lungo Forte as the perfect base for your vanilla and coconut creamer, while the caramel notes of a Lungo from the Classic collection make it the ideal companion for the caramel coffee creamer.