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Coffee in a Cone

Coffee to go? Yes please, but make it a cone!

Um, excuse me, did I understand right? Coffee in an ice cream cone? What sounds like it would be simultaneously the greatest invention and biggest mess is actually the latest coffee trend from South Africa: Coffee in a Cone. If you think we’ve lost our minds, then read below to find out more.


If you spend a fair amount of time on Instagram, then you’ve known for a while now that people are no longer simply drinking coffee in a cup, but rather in a cone. It seems like the perfect solution for everyone who can’t decide whether to eat ice cream or drink a coffee in the summer heat – or in winter when you’re desperately searching for a little bit of that summer feeling.

Coffee in a Cone – an accidental invention?

This delicious innovation is called Coffee in a Cone and is the latest coffee trend out of South Africa. With his idea, cafe owner and inventor Dayne Levinrad has become the Willy Wonka of social media. Now there are countless posts with the hashtag #coffeeinacone made by slurping and munching followers who have captured the unique treat in all its glory. The perfect treat for the hip coffee junkies of today!


And that’s what Levinrad, who was born in Johannesburg, was counting on. That’s because he is not only a coffee expert, he’s also a former digital marketing manager – so clearly Coffee in a Cone was no accident. Levinrad saw the “shareable” potential of his idea right from the start, and didn’t lose sight of it during the experimental phase.

As long as there’s chocolate!

Anyone who thinks it doesn’t take much to pour coffee into an ice cream cone is quite mistaken. Of course, you could try it. But only if you’re wearing a wetsuit and leather gloves. Because as soon as the coffee is in the cone, the cone starts to disintegrate. Ordinary cones are too thin to hold the coffee for more than a few seconds. The result? A boiling-hot disaster. So how did Levinrad still manage to make his coffee in a cone a hit in the Instagram universe without his followers constantly scalding their fingers?


The secret lies in the ice cream cone’s inner chocolate layer. Or, to be more precise, its four layers of chocolate, which each have a different percentage of cocoa. This technique is what allows you to safely hold this coffee creation in your hand. Well, at least for up to 10 minutes. By that time, you need to have fished your coffee and eaten the cone.

Thirsty for coffee in a cone?

That’s all well and good, but where can you get this delicious treat? Unfortunately, so far only at Levinrad’s cafe The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg. The clever marketing expert made sure to patent his creative cones some time ago, which gives us hope that Coffee in a Cone will soon be available in other parts of the world.


But if the Instagram photos are simply not enough for you until then, we have the perfect solution for you – and one that is easier and faster than taking a trip to South Africa. Simply make yourself some delicious waffles and enjoy them with a cup of Café Royal Owemba. This Single Origin coffee from Uganda is 100% organic and Fairtrade certified and, with a fruity hint of red berries and subtle nuances of cocoa, it goes perfectly with a traditional waffle. Nearly everyone has waffle ingredients on hand at home – and you can add a variety of toppings, depending on what you like and what you’re craving, anything from berries and chocolate sauce to icing sugar. It’s not exactly a to-go option. But you won’t have to keep looking at the clock while you eat. And as for Instagram? A picture of your waffle creation will certainly impress your followers. If that’s what you want.