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Recipe: Fruity chia pudding

A morning boost

For the perfect start to the day, there’s one thing we just can’t do without – a cup of coffee! But a nutritious breakfast is a good idea too – or so we’ve heard ... That’s reason enough to offer you a recipe that not only tastes good, but also takes up very little time in the morning. And it’s really healthy as well!


Coffee is often the main – and for many unfortunately the only – part of our breakfast. As Grandma often told us, though, breakfast is “the most important meal of the day”. And as is so often the case, Grandma is right, according to dozens of studies on the subject, including one by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. These studies have revealed that people who eat a regular breakfast are less likely to be overweight, despite consuming more nutrients overall. According to researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is also much lower, the reason being that if we have a good breakfast, we snack less during the day.

How about a pudding to set you up for the day?

All well and good, in theory. But it’s not easy for working people to find time for a proper breakfast during the week. Unlike a quick morning coffee, a meal of orange juice, bread and scrambled eggs takes a little more time. Even just the thought is too much for many a sleepy head – and they go and buy a croissant on the way to work instead. How practical then, that our chia pudding can be prepared the evening before – no excuses! But what on earth is chia pudding, anyway?

As the name suggests, chia pudding consists mainly of chia seeds. This “superfood” originates in Mexico and was already popular in Mayan culture, and the protein-rich seeds were used above all by their messengers as a long-lasting source of energy. Fittingly, the word “chia” can be translated as “strength”.



Superfood, super pudding

But what exactly is so super about this food? It’s the high levels of various beneficial nutrients, which are present in much higher quantities than in other foods. Chia seeds contain particularly high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B3 and fibre. These seeds are simply bursting with energy.

Despite the high density of nutrients, chia seeds themselves have almost no taste, which is why they can easily be added to many dishes and smoothies – including our chia pudding in mango and coconut or raspberry and pomegranate flavours. Sounds good? Tastes even better!

Basic ingredients:

100 g chia seeds

400 ml almond milk


Raspberry and pomegranate topping:

200 g fresh or frozen raspberries

1 handful of pomegranate seeds

A little honey or agave syrup


Mango and coconut topping:

1 mango

Desiccated coconut

Coconut flakes

Preparation time:

2 minutes for preparation and 8 hours soaking time (overnight) for the chia pudding, 10 minutes for the topping



4 × 220 ml glasses


Kitchen appliances:

Weighing scales, stick blender, wooden spoon, bowl, (Weck) jars

Can be kept for 1–2 days in the fridge



Preparation: chia pudding

1) Add 25 grams of chia seeds to 100 ml of almond milk in each glass in the evening, and leave to soak for at least eight hours (overnight) in the fridge.

2) Make sure not to fill glass to the brim, as you’ll need some space for the topping.

3) If time is of the essence in the morning, prepare the topping the evening before and place it in the fridge in a separate bowl to save time when you get up.

Preparation: raspberry and pomegranate topping

1) Purée the fresh raspberries and sweeten the purée with a little honey or agave syrup to taste. Tip: If you use frozen berries, let them defrost overnight in a bowl. This way they’ll be easier to process the next morning.

2) Carefully slice open the pomegranate and remove the seeds. To do this, lay the cut side of the pomegranate half on your palm and hold it over a bowl, then bang on the back of the pomegranate with a wooden spoon – this way the seeds will fall straight into your palm without splashing you with the red juice. And it’s much easier than picking them out.

Preparation: mango and coconut topping

1) Slice open the mango and cut the flesh into cubes.

2) Blend the flesh with a stick blender to a smooth purée.



So we have the chia pudding and the topping – all you have to do now is put the two together in an attractive way. Divide the raspberry purée between the two glasses and decorate with some pomegranate seeds and a few raspberries. Fill the two other glasses with the mango purée and finish with desiccated coconut, coconut flakes and a few mango cubes. And here you have a delicious and nutritious fruit bomb! May we recommend a Café Royal Espresso Forte with your pudding – a full-bodied coffee with fruity notes as the perfect accompaniment to your colourful breakfast. And now – enjoy your meal, the Mayans would be proud. And so would Grandma!

Prince Chester