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Signature drink from Berlin: the “Bear and the Bee”

Irish coffee goes hipster

Inspired by the Irish classic, we have made the perfect signature drink for Germany’s capital. The result is the “Bear and the Bee”, an unconventional summer drink with Berlin’s cocktail chic.


Like every major city, Berlin has countless Irish pubs. And Irish coffee probably has a time-honoured place on the drinks menu in every one of them. But no matter how well-earned that place is, it takes a little more sophistication to earn the title of Berlin’s signature drink. Sorry, dear Irish.

Opposites attract

Coffee plus whiskey equals Irish coffee? That formula is a little too obvious for us. But because the two flavours go so well together, the “Bear and the Bee” is based on them. We can do without the whipped cream that goes on top of every Gaelic coffee – after all, we are already adding creamy Agent’s Choice Espresso. Instead of sugar, our creation tempts your sweet tooth with honey syrup.



Berlin, the city with a bear as its symbol, is full of contradictions: rude jokes, graffiti-covered tube stations and a quirky fashion elite on the one hand; rooftop bars with fantastic views, dozens of parks and all the nature around Berlin on the other. That is why our signature drink also brings together contrasts: golden, high-proof spirits with golden, highly concentrated syrup. Let’s shake.

Ingredients for a “Bear and the Bee” (approx. 130 ml):

40 ml whiskey

20 ml honey syrup

25 ml Agent’s Choice (ristretto)

Ice cubes

Coffee beans



Ingredients for the honey syrup (approx. 200 ml):

150 ml honey

50 ml hot water

Preparation time:

around 10 minutes



a long-drink glass, two small glasses, a cocktail shaker



Preparing the honey syrup:

1) Put the honey in a small glass and mix it with the hot water.

2) Let the syrup cool slightly.

Preparing the “Bear and the Bee“:

1) Put the whiskey, honey syrup and freshly brewed Agent’s Choice in the cocktail shaker.

2) Add the ice cubes to the shaker and shake thoroughly for 15 seconds.

3) Pour the shaken mixture into a chilled long-drink glass and garnish the drink with a piece of honeycomb and a few coffee beans.


The perfect drink for a city that is famous for its big mouth and even bigger heart. Cheers!

Agent's Choice No. 2