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Iced coffee

Café Royal iced coffee.

For those who love ice-cold coffee.

Café Royal iced coffee is a refreshing mix of coffee and milk. A favourite of coffee lovers who like their coffee ice-cold.

Four truly cool Café Royal iced coffees are available: the classic Espresso Café Royal Classic Macchiato, the creamy Café Royal Double Creamy with an extra dose of caffeine, the invigorating Café Royal Extra Strong with extra caffeine and guarana, and the seductively sweet Café Royal Caramel Macchiato. Which Café Royal is your favourite? Why not try all of them and see?

To produce Café Royal iced coffees, we use the best blends of coffee from 100% Arabica beans. We refine the taste with milk, guarana and caramel.

Café Royal iced coffees are practical: ready to drink, straight from the refrigerator. Shake, open and enjoy.

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