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Instant coffee

Café Royal instant coffee.

For those who love a quick and easy coffee.

Café Royal instant coffee is available as rich and spicy Café Royal Strong instant coffee and as balanced Café Royal Mild instant coffee with a pleasant acidity.

Café Royal instant coffee is prepared in no time: pour hot water onto the instant coffee (a water temperature of 80–85 degrees Celsius is ideal). Boiling water will damage the flavours and it does not need to be that hot to dissolve the granules quickly and completely. Café Royal instant coffee unfolds its full flavour straight away.

Café Royal instant coffee is handy: you do not need special equipment or in-depth knowledge of coffee and its preparation to prepare Café Royal instant coffee. Instant coffee stays fresh for a long time, as it contains no coffee oil and can therefore not go rancid. Café Royal comes in a tasteful, resealable glass jar.

Café Royal instant coffee tastes good. We use high-quality green coffee for Café Royal. The coffee is produced using the freeze-drying process. Freeze-drying is a gentle method of preserving without needing to add preservatives.