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Coffee as an aphrodisiac

“Want to come up for a coffee?”

The ambiguity of this seemingly innocuous question is no coincidence. For centuries, coffee has been regarded as being somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Does it really deserve this reputation? We take a closer look at the humble cuppa and how it affects our love life.


First, let’s take a look at science. According to a Brazilian study, sperm from coffee drinkers is more active and mobile than that of non-coffee-drinkers. While this may be helpful when it comes to family planning, it does not tell us much about our libido. In an American study on rats, however, the females who consumed caffeine showed significantly more interest in their male counterparts than rats in the coffee-abstinent group. According to the authors, carrying out this study on humans does not make sense. Especially since the effect strongly diminishes with regular coffee consumption – as is the case for most of us.


Coffee and happiness hormones

An effective aphrodisiac ingredient in coffee has not yet been scientifically proven. However, what we do know is that coffee promotes the release of adrenaline as well as of dopamine and serotonin, which are colloquially known as “happiness hormones”. It also stimulates the circulation. These are all factors that have a positive effect on pillow talk. Frequently cited reasons for a lack of desire include tiredness and feeling upset. We also don’t get going quite as quickly if we are feeling drained, listless or sad. A cup of coffee can work wonders in such situations! But in all things coffee and health alike: it’s a little of what you fancy that does you good. Too much caffeine can cause heart rhythm problems or make you tense. And that’s really not helpful when it comes to making love.


A sensual experience

Considering things from a slightly different angle – that of the sensory organs –, coffee really comes into its own as an aphrodisiac. If you love to drink coffee, you will know that even just the smell of a freshly prepared cup perks up all of your senses, leaving you quivering with anticipation for the enjoyment to come. So if you want to incorporate coffee in your seduction strategy, here’s a little tip for you: Find out how the object of your affection loves to drink their coffee. Prepare it just how they like it, perhaps rounding off your delightfully fragrant beverage with a home-made caramel coffee creamer, or serve it with a piece of chocolate on the side. Then dial up the charm – presented with such a package, how could anyone say no?

Give it a try: the proof of the pudding is in the eating (or drinking!). Have fun!

King Ralph