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Royal Night Out in Paris

Small menus and green fairies

There is plenty of good taste in Paris: breathtaking architecture, fine shops on the Champs-Elysées and gourmet restaurants. To help you with making a choice, we will reveal our favourite spots for a successful Royal night out in the city of love.


Paris is always worth a visit, even for those who do not find themselves in love or those who just do not like sightseeing. Rather than going through the entire programme of sights worth seeing, simply concentrate on a few particularly beautiful gems. One of them is the Sacré-Cœur church on the Montmartre hill in the north of the city. This minor basilica is an architectural masterpiece, a real gem both from the outside and inside. Just as breathtaking, at least, is the view of the city that presents itself from the church’s forecourt.


From below the forecourt, you reach the Square Louise-Michel that will take you down to the city over 222 steps. If descending the stairs doesn’t sound too inviting, you can use the paths to stroll down. The lush, green meadows alongside the stairs, the Paul Gasq fountain and entertaining street artists invite you to linger in the park for a while. When touring a city, however, you will eventually get hungry. How fortunate for you that our favourite restaurant is just a casual five-minute walk from the park.

Seb’on: small but fine menu

We all know this rule of thumb: “The smaller the menu, the more exquisite the food.” This is particularly true of the Seb’on restaurant. There is just one small difference: the choice of dishes is not printed on a menu, but written on blackboards. But that does not diminish the quality – far from it. The ingredients for entrées, main courses and desserts are selected with the utmost care to prepare exquisite dishes. For chef Sébastien Heloin, it goes without saying that only select seasonal vegetables, fresh fish, quality meat and home-made pasta are used. Each week, he concocts new creations. The restaurant name is a pun on the French expression “C’est bon”, and the same holds true of what it has to offer: the food here is “vraiment bon”.


Heloin discovered his passion for cooking early on in his teenage years. Following first-class training with renowned Michelin-starred chefs such as Benoît Guichard, Michel Roth and Eric Frechon, he moved abroad. He gained further professional experience in Belgium, Cannes and the Netherlands. Before returning to Paris, he worked at a four-star hotel in Zurich, where he became head chef for the first time. Back on home soil, he realised his long-held life’s dream of opening his own restaurant. Seb’on is furnished and decorated simply yet tastefully – a place where everyone feels welcome and enjoys savouring a good glass of wine.

Lulu White bar: Je ne regrette rien!


How can you make a perfect evening even more memorable? Right: with a cocktail. Or two, perhaps even three. With a full tummy, we go for a five-minute walk and reach, parched, Lulu White. The interior and the bartenders are just as stylish and mysterious as the cocktails. Their names, such as Michael Fish Was Wrong, Saint Sauvant and NOLA, je ne regrette rien, do not tell us anything about the flavours that will tickle our palate. One key ingredient of the bar’s famous cocktails is absinthe. In some cocktails, the green fairy is unmistakable in taste, but in others, it creates an unexpected experience. The bar owes its success to an experienced team who ensure visitors’ happiness by giving their heart and soul creating original cocktails and a one-of-a-kind ambience.


Slowly but surely, our evening is drawing to a close. During the week, the bar closes at 2 a.m., but stays open until 4 a.m. at the weekend. And who knows, the bartender might just share with us one or two secret tips for another perfect Royal Night Out in Paris.

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