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Café Royal and Robbie Williams: a look back at the tour

Royal moments meet Heavy Entertainment

What do Robbie Williams and our coffee have in common? That’s right: they are both known for good taste. No wonder, then, that they’re both on the same mission – and not just in their action-packed ads. Café Royal accompanied the singer on the European leg of his The Heavy Entertainment Show tour.


How does he do it? Over 20 years in the business and he’s still showing no signs of slowing down. Whenever Robbie Williams steps onto the stage, one thing is clear, whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to his music: this man is a born entertainer. His performances on The Heavy Entertainment Show tour are no exception. How do we know? Because the Café Royal team was lucky enough to be a part of the concert tour this summer.

We were well-equipped for our mission in the service of good taste – with a converted Rolls-Royce as a coffee stand, a variety of tour-related giveaways, and, of course, our coffee. Our Agent’s Choice Edition was especially popular – concert-goers were literally snatching it out of our hands. Raphael Gugerli, CEO of Delica, reflects on a great collaboration: “Café Royal’s involvement in The Heavy Entertainment Show tour was a smashing success; a true symbiosis between an amazing singer and an amazing coffee brand, between two names associated with emotions, energy and one-of-a-kind moments.”



So come on, let us entertain you

Those one-of-a-kind moments are particularly important to us – which is why we decided to hold a competition during the tour in which we gave away city trips with entertainment guaranteed. Participants could win a speedboat ride on the Thames in London, champagne in Paris, dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin, a tour through Vienna on a souped-up soapbox or a helicopter flight over Zurich. And, of course, the chance to experience Robbie Williams live on stage.

To win one of our Royal moments, participants needed to find hidden competition codes and redeem them online. The codes could be found on packets of Agent’s Choice, on our social media channels, in our newsletter and on our website. The rules were simple: the more codes participants entered, the higher their chances of winning the prize of their choice and the main prize as well. That’s because every code entered was automatically included in the draw to win one of six 14-day dream holidays to Australia. So it was no wonder that thousands of people rushed to take part. Indeed, nearly a quarter of a million codes were entered on our website during the competition.


Royal moments in Europe’s capital cities

The winners were over the moon. Among them was Aude Haenni, who thoroughly enjoyed her three-day trip to Vienna for herself and a friend. “It was wonderful to just get away from it all for a weekend!” she reminisced weeks later. Her trip included a tour of Vienna in a motorised soapbox, a romantic dinner aboard the city’s famous giant Ferris wheel, a stay in an exclusive five-star hotel and tickets to a Robbie Williams concert. Summing up the experience, she said, “In brief: Champagne and sequins!” There are worse things!

Mailin van der Haas won a trip for two to Paris, staying in a hotel just off the Champs-Élysées, within walking distance of the city’s top attractions. “We saw all the tourist places and enjoyed every moment!” These moments included dinner and a show at the Moulin Rouge, France’s most famous cabaret, as well as tickets to see Robbie Williams, who well and truly rocked Paris: “Robbie was just amazing, of course!” She says she will remember her trip forever. “It was filled with true royal moments.”


A trip down under

The last few months were all about entertainment, good taste and positivity. “At more than 14 concerts, thousands of fans had the opportunity to experience summer with all of their senses,” said CEO Raphael Gugerli, who is especially proud of his “agents”: “I would like to thank the entire team, whose members worked tirelessly in the service of good taste.”

So is that a wrap? Not quite. Because Robbie Williams has officially extended his tour to include Australia! And it won’t be long before the lucky winners of our grand prize embark on a thrilling trip down under. It looks like we’ll soon have another set of Royal moments to report.

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