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The Big Coffee Type Test

How do You Drink Your Coffee?

Whether it’s a minimum of 5 double espressos a day, whether it’s preferably with lots of syrup, or whether it’s only from one of those special plantations in Colombia: when it comes to coffee, everyone has their own, very specific, preferences. Find out what type of coffee drinker you are with our test.


Every day, we opt for our morning coffee anew. And our afternoon coffee. And sometimes our evening coffee. The way in which you drink your coffee says a lot about you. Curious? Our test will show you what kind of coffee drinker you are.


A “coffee nerd”?

A “sweet tooth”?

A “caffeine junkie”?

Still not quite sure what type of coffee drinker you are, or what coffee is best suited to you? Then trust the choice made by our agent: Agent’s Choice No. 3

Agent's Choice No.3