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Compatible capsules for Nespresso®*

Café Royal La Laguna for the Nespresso®* system.

Sustainably grown coffee from the north west of Honduras.

The Café Royal La Laguna coffees come from the south-west of Honduras. In this region, we have established a long-term partnership with 300 smallholders. As part of this sustainability project, we support the local farmers in their efforts to effectively optimise coffee quality, improve processes and harness synergies. These farmers process their coffee at the central “Beneficio” in La Laguna.

The Arabica coffee cherries for our La Laguna coffee are picked by hand and are prepared using the wet process. The Café Royal La Laguna Espresso is characterised by its refreshing citrusy acidity and subtle caramel notes. Café Royal La Laguna Mild coffee beans also have a very balanced flavour. The fine flavour and subtle acidity are the secret of this coffee.