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Coffee beans

Café Royal coffee beans.

For those who love their coffee freshly brewed.

Café Royal coffee made from beans leaves an impression – both visually and, of course, in its taste. Sir EdwardLord JamesPrince Chester and King Ralph are the royal representatives of Café Royal coffee beans. Each of them has an individual character, just like the coffee for which they stand.

Café Royal coffee made from beans is loved by all those who are unimpressed by the usual range on the shelves. Mild or full-bodied, fruity or spicy – our experts have created distinctive flavour profiles for each variety. The raw beans come from selected cultivation areas, whose coffee plants produce beans with classic aromas. The roasts of Café Royal coffee beans vary from Intense Lungo Roast to Classic Espresso Roast and Medium Lungo Roast to Italian Dark Espresso Roast.

A brew from freshly ground coffee beans should offer quality you can see, smell and taste. Excellent coffee beans roasted to perfection form the quality characteristic of Café Royal coffee beans. To produce such excellent beans, the coffee plants need ideal growing conditions: soils rich in minerals, a lot of rain during the growth phase and plenty of sun during the ripening phase. The ideal climate for coffee plants is when day and night temperatures vary considerably. We find all these conditions in the regions of Kenya, Indonesia and Guatemala.

Café Royal coffee beans are characterised by their complex flavours and fine acids. Slow and gentle roasting allows the sugar in the coffee beans to caramelise, ensuring a pleasant roasted taste in the beans.

Tor the perfect cup of Café Royal coffee from coffee beans: espresso machines, filter machines, bean-to-cup coffee machines and mocha pots are suitable for preparing the coffee. We offer Café Royal coffee beans suitable for black filter coffee, white coffee, cappuccino or espresso macchiato.

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