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Five Drinks, One Decision

The best part of the day is still that moment when you finish work. In order to truly ring in this occasion in style, we have put together a list of the five best after-work drinks with espresso for you. The real challenge with these drinks? Deciding which one you’re going to start with.

Declare war on your afternoon slump

When you think of energy bars, do you think of bone-dry muesli formations? Or of tasteless chunks of protein? Then our Coffee Energy Bars will help persuade you otherwise.

Meet and Greet with Rosy Mary

It’s the beginning of spring and, as luck would have it, you’ve got rhubarb in the fridge, good espresso in the cupboard, and a couple of friends on the couch? Then it’s high time you got acquainted with our espresso drink, bound to put a spring in your step: the Rosy Mary.

Protein meets caffeine

Coffee isn’t a wholesome breakfast? Not necessarily. In combination with the right ingredients, it provides your body with all the important nutrients – and incidentally also wakes you up.

Direct flight to Central America

This world tour of flavour takes you directly to Guatemala. Our rendition of Guatemalan coffee combines chilli, chocolate and coffee to make an exotic hot drink that even the Maya would have loved.
Our Christmas Punch is a delicious hot drink with seasonal spices. The recipe breaks with tradition but still has a wonderfully spiced flavour and is perfect for keeping warm on those cold winter days.
Tonic water and espresso are both undeniable classics. These two ingredients are the stars of our refreshing Espresso Tonic – an unusual and delicious non-alcoholic mixed drink.
Tonic water and espresso are both undeniable classics. These two ingredients are the stars of our refreshing Espresso Tonic – an unusual and delicious non-alcoholic mixed drink.

Sweet pineapple kissed by dark rum

“What would you like to drink, mate?” Nowadays, an Australian is almost guaranteed to respond with one of two answers: a beer or an iced coffee. We were inspired by the latter to create our latest cocktail recipe, which includes a few typical Australian ingredients.

Lemon coconut cake goes vegan

The art of food pairing has found its way into the culinary world of Café Royal. On the search for the perfect dessert to go with our Lungo Classico, we have turned to Germanyʼs capital for inspiration. Why Berlin exactly? We will tell you.

Relaunch of the Viennese apple strudel

The apple strudel is a classic of Viennese cuisine and has countless fans all over the world. A good enough reason to take a closer look at the recipe – and make something completely different from it. We are proud to present: the Viennese apple tart!
The Bittersweet Symphony: In theory, a reflection of Vienna itself, arranged in a cocktail glass. In practice, it’s a stylish twist on a classic martini that pays homage to Austria’s culture and traditions – but also marches to a different drummer.

The pear-fect spot for a swim

In the summer months, you can find Zurich natives in one of two places: either in the water or on the water. We’re following their lead and sending the pear, which is native to Switzerland, for a swim – in a cocktail glass. The inspiration for a drink with depth.

A truly avant-garde cocktail

Pomegranate and espresso? Our alcohol-free signature drink L’Amour Fizz once again proves that opposites attract – and complement each other perfectly.
Our Iced Eiffel is for anyone who wants to try a coffee that boasts monumental flavour. This sweetly spiced drink is perfect for hot days and is based on a trend from one of the world’s coolest cities – it is also a Hervé Cuisine creation.
Inspired by the Irish classic, we have made the perfect signature drink for Germany’s capital. The result is the “Bear and the Bee”, an unconventional summer drink with Berlin’s cocktail chic.

The fiery twist on an Espresso Martini

The Espresso Martini is truly a classic cocktail: elegant, invigorating, British. But our take on this all-time favourite is something else: fiery. The secret ingredient in the Fast Thames is red pepper.

Spring awakening? Preferably with a cup of coffee

What’s the best way to bid farewell to the unrelenting winter? By encouraging a spring awakening with our favourite caffeinated beverage! Creative coffee drinkers have reached the same conclusion, and they have kicked off what might just be the prettiest social media trend this spring.
Sugar is not the one and only way to sweeten your coffee – how about a syrup, a sweetener with a difference? Our recipe will show you how to create both a nutty option and a chocolatey one in no time at all. To give your coffee that unbeatably tasty sweetness.

A fruity treat with your coffee break

There’s no greater pleasure than rounding out a hearty family meal with a cup of coffee! A well-deserved break is appreciated all the more if it’s accompanied by a delicious dessert. These berry tartlets are just perfect for the moment. Here are two varieties to try – you’re sure to love them!
Has your morning black coffee been lacking that special something for a while? Want to brighten things up? Coffee creamer could be just the thing to rekindle the flame.

A morning boost

For the perfect start to the day, there’s one thing we just can’t do without – a cup of coffee! But a nutritious breakfast is a good idea too – or so we’ve heard ... That’s reason enough to offer you a recipe that not only tastes good, but also takes up very little time in the morning. And it’s really healthy as well!

Say it with chocolate

It is said that the way to a manʼs heart is through his stomach. And who can say no to divine, mouth-watering chocolate? No matter if it is for Valentineʼs Day or just because: home-made chocolate is a sure way to capture the heart of your sweetheart. We want to share our secret recipe for espresso chocolate with you. It tastes at least as good as it looks.
Good news for all worn-out rolling pins and overworked biscuit cutters: you can treat yourself to a break because this isn’t a recipe for typical Christmas biscuits, but instead for an artistic cream cake – in an unusual form. Although this mini cake is only half as wide, it is twice as high as normal. 
When we hear the word “pumpkin”, we tend to think of soup, roasted veg or Halloween. But coffee? Probably not. Our recipe is guaranteed to change your mind.
There are very few people who will say no to a brownie. Especially if you have got the consistency right. They need to be lovely and soft – and yet slightly crisp on the outside! To bake the perfect brownie, you need a good recipe and the right ingredients. Just as well that we can offer both!

Coffee to go? Yes please, but make it a cone!

Um, excuse me, did I understand right? Coffee in an ice cream cone? What sounds like it would be simultaneously the greatest invention and biggest mess is actually the latest coffee trend from South Africa: Coffee in a Cone. If you think we’ve lost our minds, then read below to find out more.