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How do You Drink Your Coffee?

Whether it’s a minimum of 5 double espressos a day, whether it’s preferably with lots of syrup, or whether it’s only from one of those special plantations in Colombia: when it comes to coffee, everyone has their own, very specific, preferences. Find out what type of coffee drinker you are with our test.

Pushes the mind and body

Butter in coffee? A rather adventurous combination at first glance. So-called bulletproof coffee has quite a bit in store though. Including an energy high and concentration boost.

No Fair Trade Label, No Sale!

Just a small cup of coffee can make the world a better place – or condemn it to total annihilation. It may sound radical, but this is a daily reality for those most conscious among coffee drinkers: the so-called ‘eco queens’.

Always awake

We all know, love and fear them – those people who are almost unbearable when they haven’t had their coffee. These so-called caffeine junkies have but one rule: coffee first. The world second.
If the infamous kopi luwak, or civet cat, coffee is the only thing that springs to mind when you think of international coffee specialities, allow us to broaden your horizons. Countries such as Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Vietnam have maintained an impressive coffee culture for centuries. Let us take you on a coffee journey.

When coffee becomes a way of life

Some people are casual coffee drinkers, some are true coffee connoisseurs, and then there are those who might take coffee a bit too seriously: the coffee nerds.

When coffee becomes a way of life

Some people are casual coffee drinkers, some are true coffee connoisseurs, and then there are those who might take coffee a bit too seriously: the coffee nerds.

Sweet, sweet coffee

Two sugars are the bare minimum? A good coffee has to have a flavoured syrup in it? A coffee is only ready to drink once cream has been added? In contrast to many coffee drinkers, the sweet tooth would answer a resounding “yes” to these questions.

Royal moments meet Heavy Entertainment

What do Robbie Williams and our coffee have in common? That’s right: they are both known for good taste. No wonder, then, that they’re both on the same mission – and not just in their action-packed ads. Café Royal accompanied the singer on the European leg of his The Heavy Entertainment Show tour.

Searching for that laid-back feeling

“No worries, mate.” This classic Australian phrase not only evokes scenes from old teen films – these are words that Australians truly live by. Putting worries aside and taking life as it comes: Could this laid-back attitude be the magic ingredient, making Australians one of the happiest people in the world?

A night out in the city on the Limmat

Out-of-towners generally associate Zurich with a number of clichés, including the Bahnhofstrasse, stressed bankers and expensive Lamborghinis. But there is much more to discover. We will tell you about the many charming facets of this city on the Limmat and explain why a village festival in the city is not a contradiction.
Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben: London’s sights can easily fill several days of sightseeing. But where is the real action when night falls? Follow our tips to experience a perfect Royal night out in the world metropolis.

Small menus and green fairies

There is plenty of good taste in Paris: breathtaking architecture, fine shops on the Champs-Elysées and gourmet restaurants. To help you with making a choice, we will reveal our favourite spots for a successful Royal night out in the city of love.

East or west? No matter!

When it comes to Berlin, one thing is clear: the nightlife is legendary. What is less clear, however, is the best place to enjoy the nightlife – the former west or the former east. We think that this split is more than obsolete, and not just in terms of planning a night out.

Coffee houses and cocktail fish: that’s Vienna

There are three things anyone who is exploring Vienna cannot miss: the many Viennese cafés, the impressive architecture and the “g’schmackig” – that is, delicious – food. On our Royal night out in Vienna, you will find out the best places to eat Sachertorte, marvel at the buildings and indulge your palate.
Café Royal is joining Hervé for a crazy, colourful and tasty partnership. The YouTuber, a pioneering influencer among the French culinary world, has penned two recipes that are just perfect for summer: a pistachio and raspberry no-bake cheesecake, and an iced chai coffee with cardamom. Spotlight on an ardent advocate for good taste.
When we challenged Hervé Palmieri, author of the Hervé Cuisine blog, to find the perfect dessert to go with a strong Café Royal espresso, we received a recipe for a pistachio-and-raspberry no-bake cheesecake with delicate vanilla notes ... enough to make even the Eiffel Tower melt!