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Good Machine – Good Taste

The capsule machine is far more than just a kitchen appliance. After all, it makes our coffee just the way we like to drink it. And that, at just the push of a button. How practical, then, that cleaning it is almost just as simple.

Health up your coffee

Coffee in itself is healthy. However, only admittedly in its purest form. If you like mixing up your coffee now and then, you rarely can do without the syrups though – right? Our 5 tips prove that good taste and a healthy lifestyle don’t have to contradict each other.

Crank up the caffeine in your cup

Do you need at least three cups of coffee to get going in the morning? Do you make up for your lack of sleep with an extra caffeine kick? If so, then it’s probably time for you to switch to stronger coffee.

Your coffee bar guide

Espresso Macchiato, Latte Macchiato, Caffè Latte: sounds same same – but it´s different. With our infographic about 12 essential espresso-based hot drinks, you´ll never put a foot wrong!

The coffee movement in its third phase

Coffee is all the rage, and talk of the “third wave of coffee” is sure to conjure up images of trendy coffee shops, latte art and fancy coffee equipment. We explain why we are already in the middle of the third phase of the coffee movement, and why both the coffee beans and the consumer are benefiting in equal measure.

The international taste of Christmas

It’s the same situation in every country around the world: after a hectic run-up to Christmas with crowded streets and frantic last-minute shopping, ideally you will get to enjoy a few festive days full of rest and relaxation – and delicious food! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and unusual international Christmas classics.

Your path to becoming a sensory expert

What if I told you that, although wine is known to have approximately 500 different aroma compounds, it is actually less diverse in flavour than coffee? In fact, coffee has double as many flavours than wine. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

How to make the perfect espresso

“Coffee and love are best when they’re hot.” You’d be hard-pressed to find a coffee drinker who doesn’t agree with this saying. After all, who likes lukewarm coffee? But contrary to popular opinion, the temperature is not the only factor that goes into making a delicious espresso ...

“Want to come up for a coffee?”

The ambiguity of this seemingly innocuous question is no coincidence. For centuries, coffee has been regarded as being somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Does it really deserve this reputation? We take a closer look at the humble cuppa and how it affects our love life.

Coffee drinkers live longer

Occasional exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep – that’s all well and good. But if you want to stay healthy as you age, you’ll need something else – coffee! According to the latest studies, the popular beverage is something of a magical elixir.

A small country with great coffee!

Honduras can easily hold its own against major coffee producers when it comes to quality. We explain how the Hondurans have been able to keep the disease known as “coffee rust” at bay, and why speciality coffee scouts keep coming back to this Central American country in their search for the best Arabica coffees.

Cascara: a tragedy with a happy ending

When it comes to coffee, all anyone is interested in is the beans. Few care about the fruit in which the beans grow in a sheltered and protected environment. But we do! Read on to find out about the treasure that can be found hidden in this natural product – and whether the tragedy has a happy ending.
What sounds like a futuristic battle for the existence of mankind is a question that is asked on every coffee plantation: should you rely on manpower or is it best to collect the ripe coffee cherries from the branch using a machine?

Washed Colombians and dried Brazilians

The delicious flavour of your morning coffee has a great deal to do with the type of bean that was removed from the cherry. The beans are processed differently depending on the country, climate and coffee variety, and the processing methods are quite complicated.

A small capsule with big flavours

It is difficult to imagine life without coffee capsules. Switch on the machine, fill it up with water, insert the capsule, push the button – the perfect cup of coffee is ready in just a few seconds. Now it’s time to take a closer look at this convenience product.
Just like when painting with oils, you need the right skills to grind coffee. It is attention to detail that makes the difference between a picture and a work of art. The same applies when it comes to coffee. This is why we don’t just grind by numbers – we use our expertise and intuition.
All you need to do is roast the green raw coffee until it goes brown. It doesn’t sound any more complicated than frying a hamburger. But it certainly is! Coffee roasting is based on a science about which entire books have been written.
In our article about coffee-growing countries, we explained where coffee comes from. But how exactly does it grow? We are going to take a look at what kinds of coffee plantations exist today and whether you can also grow coffee at home.
As you make yourself a coffee in the morning and take a sip from the cup, everything seems to be perfectly normal. But suddenly you notice a stale taste. This was doubtless caused by aroma killers! But who are they?

Arabica – at home in the mountains

Like Brazil, Colombia is one of the world’s biggest export countries in the coffee business. Why the Arabica bean feels so at home in the Colombian mountains, and the part played by a man with a moustache and a smiling donkey in Colombia’s success story of coffee.
According to popular opinion, if you want good coffee, you should buy Arabica beans and nothing else. We will show you why Robusta beans are often underestimated, explain that they are not actually called Robusta, and that there is no one coffee variety that can be considered the best.
They are a little sensitive, and in order to flower, thrive and bear the fruits whose seeds will ultimately find their way into our cup, they need to feel comfortable – and this over the course of many years.
No joke! The part you would normally spit out is the original form of our coffee bean – the stone of a fruit. More precisely, a cherry stone. Let’s take a closer look.
The current trend shows that more and more coffees come from a specific region. With the focus on the use of a single variety, they are known as speciality or single-origin coffees, and many coffee aficionados will settle for nothing else. The most popular coffees, however, contain a combination of different varieties. We take a look at these mixes – and consider whether single-origin coffees really are the only choice.
Brazil is big, there’s no two ways about it. Big on dancing, big on football and big on carnival. Given that the world’s fifth-largest country lies exactly within the coffee belt, it is also big in the coffee business. So big even, that Brazil is the world’s undisputed leading exporter of coffee. But is size really everything – or does quality suffer somewhere along the line?
Coffee is enjoyed in almost every country on the planet, and many people couldn’t imagine life without it. It is, after all, one of the most important export products of them all. Much more surprising is the fact that its roots can be found in over 85 different countries.
India? Better known for yoga, spices – and chai tea. But coffee? Doesn’t really fit in, does it? But the fact is that India has been one of the world’s top coffee exporters for some time now. Why coffee from India is one of the world’s most interesting – and even the Indians themselves increasingly prefer a mug of coffee over a cup of tea.

The birthplace of coffee

True coffee-lovers couldn’t imagine life without their favourite beverage. Many of them, however, don’t even know where this dark brown elixir originated. We are devoting this page to the birthplace of coffee, and will be explaining why goats are surprisingly clever creatures.