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Café Royal stands for award-winning quality.

Taste that has won a number of awards.

Café Royal has won numerous awards for its unmistakeably delicious flavour, system compatibility and the outstanding quality of its products. Every cup of Café Royal guarantees a superb coffee drinking experience: with an exceptional aroma and unparalleled variety of flavours – from mild to full-bodied, from sweet to spicy.

Café Royal scoops gold, silver and bronze

Nespresso®-compatible capsules awarded DLG medals

In July 2015, Café Royal was awarded the DLG quality seal by the «Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft» (German Agricultural Society). Five varieties of Café Royal Nespresso®*-compatible coffee capsules were issued the DLG Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal in the roasted-coffee category. All five varieties received recognition for their appearance, consistency, aroma and taste, having already successfully passed the preparation, packaging and labelling tests as well as the chemical, microbiological and physical analysis stages. The DLG evaluated a total of approximately 100 coffee specialities, awarding medals to 50 products. All Café Royal varieties submitted for evaluation received a medal. The DLG is a German organization in the agricultural and food sectors, with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Every year, it carries out tests on approximately 30,000 food products from Germany and other countries. The DLG medals are issued to foods with outstanding sensory characteristics and which satisfy the DLG’s stringent quality criteria.

The following Café Royal varieties were awarded DLG medals:

Café Royal Ristretto
Café Royal Espresso
Café Royal Lungo
Café Royal Colombia
Café Royal Espresso Forte



Excelling in good taste

Saveur de l’Année awards for Nespresso®*-compatible coffee capsules, ground coffee and coffee pads

Eight Café Royal coffees have received the Saveur de l’Année 2017 award. They include two varieties of Café Royal Nespresso®*-compatible coffee capsules, two varieties of ground coffee and our entire range of Senseo®*-compatible coffee pads. A jury evaluated the appearance, taste, texture, colour, aroma, freshness and balance of the ingredients, with the Café Royal coffee specialities excelling in every area this year. The Saveur de l’Année award has been issued every year since 1998 and represents an important award in the French food industry. Every year, a jury made up of consumers carries out blind-tasting tests on around 200 foods, all of which are sold in supermarkets. Products which receive recognition may feature the award on their packaging for a whole year as a symbol to consumers of high-quality food.

The following Café Royal varieties received the award:

Café Royal Fair & Organic Espresso
Café Royal Fair & Organic Lungo
Café Royal Espresso (ground)
Café Royal Espresso Forte (ground)
Café Royal Ristretto (pads)
Café Royal Espresso (pads)
Café Royal Lungo (pads)
Café Royal Lungo Forte (pads)


K-Tipp: only Café Royal is perfectly compatible with all machine models

«K-Tipp»: Nur Café Royal ist mit allen Maschinenmodellen perfekt kompatibel

In January 2014, the Swiss consumer magazine K-Tipp put eight brands of compatible capsules to the test. For the purposes of the test, 12 Nespresso machines from the current range were bought and tested with 10 capsules of each of the 8 brands. The tests showed that several competitors were no longer compatible or were now not fully compatible with the latest generation of the market leader’s machines. It was observed that some of the capsules were squashed, a watery brew was produced instead of coffee, or there was an increase in water around the capsule. This was not the case with Café Royal: Café Royal capsules worked perfectly in all the machines.

«Café Royal is the best capsule coffee»

Austria is a nation of coffee connoisseurs. Mr and Mrs Austria drink an average of 2.9 cups of coffee per day. And Vienna is not only the capital of Austria, but the capital of coffee culture, with its famous coffee houses, in which the coffee menu often comprises several pages of specialities. Master barista Johanna Wechselberger is also from Vienna. The coffee expert and founder of the Vienna School of Coffee started roasting coffee 16 years ago. She tested the Nespresso-compatible capsules of different manufacturers for the popular radio programme Ö3 Wecker. Café Royal’s Espresso was the one that tasted best to her.

«Flavour of the year” award for Café Royal"

“Flavour of the year” award for Café Royal

In France, the level of enjoyment is not only supposed to be upheld in Michelin-starred gourmet temples, but in everyday life. So in 1997, the organisation “Saveur de l'Année” was called into existence. In a series of blind-tasting events, it asks 120 consumers in each case to test products that are available in supermarkets. These “juries” have professional test facilities at their disposal, as all tasting is carried out in specialist laboratories throughout the country. In the ((newly created)) category ((“Capsule coffee”)) “Non-alcoholic drinks”, Café Royal ((Espresso)) received the highest praise: it is now officially entitled to bear the accolade “Saveur de l’Année 2014”.

Café Royal is the clear winner

Bon à Savoir: “Espresso in capsules?”

French-speaking Switzerland’s consumer portal Bon à Savoir asked five coffee and gastronomy experts to carry out a test. At a blind-tasting event, the experts compared Café Royal’s Espresso Forte, Nespresso’s Arpeggio, Denner’s Espresso Milano, Douwe Egberts’ L’Or Espresso Forza and Caffè Vergnano’s Espresso Cremoso. Café Royal stood out clearly with its Espresso Forte. Its balance, fruity and elegant notes and perfect crema all attracted special praise. Bon à Savoir’s conclusion: “Espresso in capsules: Migros, what else?” And Cyril Jannet, head of purchasing with United Coffee and member of the expert jury, added: “Done a great job ... a real master performance in roasting.”. To the original text (French)

130 consumers vote Café Royal best espresso

«Kassensturz TV programme: voted No. 1 in blind-tasting event

The test carried out by Kassensturz in June 2012 was as representative and as close to operational practice as it could have been, as the Swiss consumer programme organised a public tasting event in the Glatt shopping centre. For a whole day, any visitor to the shopping centre could, if they wished, try four different capsule coffees. Those who tested it drank it as they prefer to drink their coffee – black, with sugar or with cream. The four coffees that were compared were Café Royal’s Espresso, Nespresso’s Arpeggio, Denner’s Espresso Milano and Caffè Vergnano’s Espresso Intenso. At the end of the day, 130 people had evaluated the appearance and taste of the espressi and graded them for both criteria. The result: the most popular coffee in the test is Migros’ Café Royal Espresso. It achieved a grade of 4.9 (on a scale of 1 to 6, where 6 is the best mark). For both taste and appearance, the Migros espresso received the best marks. You will find the original test here (French).